Probiotic care in transit

Check the information for your brand below:


All of BioCeuticals probiotic products go through a rigorous selection process and one of the criteria is to ensure the stability during travel times.

We always pack with overage (higher CFU than stated) to make absolutely sure you are getting the stated number of bacteria all the way to expiry.

The bacteria we choose for our probiotics are based on their hardiness towards heat as well as resistance towards gastric acid and bile.

Orders containing Probiotics that are placed on a Friday are not processed for delivery until Monday to ensure they are kept in the correct storage facilities over the weekend.

We have taken these measures to ensure that with travel time out of the refrigeration, all our probiotics will still meet the amount stated on the label.


Clinicians Flora restore and Clinicians MultiFlora Digest Should be stored below 25 degrees.


GO Probiotic 40 Billion is shelf stable up to 25 degrees.


It is important to note that trials carried-out by Health World show that the product in a glass bottle left in an environment of 40 degrees C. for 48 hrs showed that the probiotic activity was still viable. Health World's packaging provides adequate protection for the product during transit at high temperatures.

The following chart outlines the results from the product stability study:

Temperature (degrees C) Time guaranteed to be above label potency:
40C? 48 hrs
30C? 14 days
25C ? 4 months
4C? ? 2 years

The results show the product to be very tolerant to prolonged periods of storage and to variations in transport conditions without harming the bacteria.


Nature’s Sunshine Products USA, when manufacturing Bifidophilus Flora Force build in an overage that allows for any degradation during transportation. In the USA, product deliveries can be out of the refrigerator for up to 5 – 7 days and sometimes longer, if people are not home.

The Nature’s Sunshine Products stability data shows the count can drop at 3 months at room temperature, but the count is still in the millions. This count of millions is very effective.

However We always state for the product to be kept refrigerated or frozen. Our data shows that refrigeration of the product is beneficial to retain product stability and efficacy.

Counts will decrease with high temperature and humidity, however counts still remain in the millions.


Probiotics P3, a special blend of live bacteria, is guaranteed to be stable for 3 years at room temperature and throughout the normal use of the product.


Primadophilus can be out of refrigeration for a few days without losing any potency or efficacy. Nature’s Way? adds extra cultures to the Primadophilus products to allow for any potential (though unlikely) losses incurred whilst the product is out of refrigeration for shipping and manufacturing. But for long term storage in order to hold the maximum potency till the date of expiry, the product should be stored in the refrigerator.